Beta Season 2: Reconfiguration

Storyline for Beta Season 2 Update (#2)
As the seasons drags on, the landscape continues to change. Many new characters and advanced technologies have moved to the forefront of the vanguard. New battlefronts have been forming which have altered the landscape. The arenas of old have been destroyed and have been replaced by a darker, more sinister war zone. Each Faction has added more resources to their arsenal and the war is beginning to escalate once again.
Alphaguard recently promoted a new member to their epic ranks. Goes by the name of Mongoose and many think this could give Alphaguard the edge, especially with the return of one of their core leaders in Prisma. Razorcorp has countered with an entirely new technology which will influence Corporations more than ever. They also have a secret of their own to unleash… Reviver brings his skillset to their ranks.
Not only have the Factions changed but the Community has also seen a rise in activity. There are several new influencers that have been making an impact. Activists has seen a rise in “end of the world” theorists called Apocalyptists. While the Edgerunners have been exchanging information near the borders of the Community. Law Enforcers have had to become more aggressive bringing Shock Troopers, Resisters and Rouge Dusters into the fold. 
The economic conditions have pushed the Underground deeper into the abyss leading to a rise in a street gang called the Crazy 8’ers. Street doctors known as Bourgie Menders have been in high demand as the turf wars have expanded. Skin Carvers have been changing the faces of people while the rest of the landscape continues to evolve in unpredictable ways. 
As the days go by, Novus City becomes more dangerous. You need to gather your forces before the Fringe Factions become more of a threat. Keep pushing forward so that you can compete for the ultimate prize… a chance to become a true legend.  
The end of the season is still months away but the end will be very different than the first beta season. The league champion will still be crowned but there will now be a tournament playoff to decide the ultimate champion which will be made up of 4, 8, 16, or even 32 players depending on the number of participants on the leaderboard. The winner will be given the ultimate prize… They will become enshrined forever in a CARD of their own. Much more to come!


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