Overtime Play Has Arrived

Mowers rejoice! The day has finally arrived! Although we still have a lot more to do to get ready for the full game launch, this is the update you have been waiting for. We have officially added the last major game mechanic to Master of Wills. The Overtime or End of Game mechanic has arrived. It’s in the very early stages of implementation but we are finally here.
What is Overtime?
The End of Game (i.e. Overtime) mechanics will allow cards that have a manual trigger to happen after Round 8 (if they were yet to be triggered). This also allows End of Game Round Effect cards to be played and will not trigger until the end of the game has happened.How does it work?
The player who wins the high card flip at the beginning of the game chooses who goes first. The player who loses the flip will determine who goes first during Overtime. If both players have Round Effect cards in play after Round 8, the player who lost the flip at the beginning will pick which player will play an Overtime card first. Players will alternate turns thereafter. You may play your cards in any order you wish if you have more than one card.  If no players have cards in play, the game will end as normal. If one player has cards to play, that player may play their cards

Anything else I need to know?
One important note… If you choose to SKIP your play during the Overtime, you will forfeit the entire Overtime period. This means that you must either play a card or throw all the remaining cards away. For example, if you had 3 End of Game cards on the board and you choose to skip the first card play action, all 3 cards will be discarded. Forfeiting the cards does not forfeit the game, just your ability to use cards.

Can’t people guess my cards?
Absolutely they can and this is part of the strategy! But do not fear, we will be adding many new cards in the coming weeks making that very difficult to do. On top of that, we are adding several new Neutral cards and adjusting one immediately to hide the few cards your Faction has currently. Those new cards include Mechanize (updated to trigger at the end of any round), Time Bomb (Good old favorite from the board game with a twist), Assembly (new card) and Breakout (new card).
Good luck and happy Mowing!!

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